Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh Karen!!!!!

Karen, let's see if I can remeber....ok it's very easy to do the trees. Sorry it has taken me so long to repost it for you. I posted this back over a year ago. So here is how you bleach and color those cute little bottle brush trees. You combine bleach and warm water, some people say 3 parts water to 1 part bleach, but It won't quite take that much bleach. Let your trees soak for a few minutes. I do many sizes at once, because once they are bleached you can color them fast for what ever project you want when ever. Once they are bleached rinse them well and let them dry. You can use a hairdryer if you want to dry them but I do not recomend a heat gun it gets too hot. Once the trees are dry you can make the whatever color you want. I spray mine with Maya Mist, but you can use any dye product. Maya Mist is easy all you have to do is spray, no mixing or dunking.

Karen I hope this helped. Have fun.

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