Monday, March 29, 2010

I love this technique!!!!!

Now I have to say I did not come up with this technique I read it in a Somerset magazine. When I read it I knew I wanted to try it but it was too late all the dye was gone, you need Easter Egg dye. So this year I stocked up.

1. Go get your dye and seem binding, I would make the most of it and do as much as I could at once. The dye only comes out once a year.

2. You will also need rubber bands, string, parchment paper, paper plates and vinager.

3. Mix the egg dye according to directions.

4. Cut the length of binding you wish to dye and twist and wad up and secure with rubber band or string. Remember that if it is a large piece and it is all in a ball the dye will not reach the center, make it twisted and longer. If you do not want the crinkle look omit this step and dye flat.

5. Dip in dye as your heart desires or dye all the same color.
6. Dry in microwave in 1 min. incriments, letiing cool between and after dry let the binding stay banded for a few hours to ensure a good crinkle.

7. Then unband and start creating with your ribbon.


Lisa M. Pace said...


Shirley said...

That is awesome! Don't you know those kits are going to fly off the store shelves just as soon as everyone reads your post? I bet anything that Hobby Lobby has theirs already half off!

Great idea! I've got to get to Hobby Lobby!!!! said...

Those colors are so sweet and Springlike!

Karin said...

Hi Laura!! We've talked about the "Original Paper Tales" before!! lol...I joked with Michelle that since I'm originally from MI (lots of family still there) that if I wasn't at the one in SD I would be at the one in MI :) Where in Mich are you? I'm from Sterling Hts/Warren area. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm putting you on my the dyed seam binding!