Sunday, March 08, 2009

My week....

Well let's see, it's been typical. While I'd love to say that it was full of sunshine, smiles, creativity and relaxation, but that's not my life. Remember I live with two teenage boys and three dogs, well lets say right now the dogs are doing fine, they seem to be feeling better. Dexter, the puppy, has learned a new trick, he is my shadow and during this time of the year our doors do not always latch, so lets just say I have NO privacy, he opens the bathroom door on me all the time and just comes in sits right down.

Tim also decided it was time to shave and didn't want to wait until Jon got home, so he asked for Drew to help him. Let's just say that yup part of his lip is missing. According to him it happened in a bar fight, and as fate would have it Drew was shaving friday and now part of his lip in missing and in the same place, I guess he was showing Tim how to shave the way Jon showed him?!LOL!!!

Tim also starts his second set of drivers training this week, everyone should watch out. He is already asking for a car, he wants a mustang, right that's going to happen. Actually he is a good driver by himself, but he loves hanging out with his friends and will be the second to get his license, it scares me when he's out with them.

Who knows what this week will bring, what ever it is I'm sure it won't be dull, it never is around here.


Brandy said...

I want Dylan to have a one seater when the time comes because you are so right!

Cece said...

In addition to the dog,I usually have an audience of a couple cats, and a couple kids.