Saturday, March 21, 2009

He's only six months old........

That's what Jon keeps telling me when I want to beat Dexter or threaten to put him in one of the MANY holes he has dug in our yard. I don't know if there is a door in the house he can't open, I always have a little black nose peeking in at me in the shower. I know that sounds sweet, but it also means he can get in the basement and scatter that garbage all over the place, lovely. And speaking of garbage no can lid is Dexter proof, he has carried a roll of wrapping paper all over the house, shredding it along the way, he loves to take the pillows off the couch and move them from the living room to the family room, not to mention the afghan. He loves ribbon and lace just as much as me but not in the same way. Maybe when we have him fixed in a few weeks he will settle down some, he is just a buddle of energy.

Rascal on the other hand is just getting older and with that getting sicker, right now we are trying to figure out what is wrong, right now everyother test we have points to cushings, so we have one more to do to see, he really doesn't show any symptoms of it, he's a puzzling dog. Lacy is just getting old I don't think she is ever going to get really sick, and it's a good thing, she hates VETs.

Well hopefully before the weekend is up I'll have a class sample but I'm not sure, I've been doing a lot of Spring Cleaning.


Brandy said...

that's why all my dogs are stuffed =)

shannon said...

ah, puppy days. i remember guinness eating one of nick's flip flops. thought it was hysterical... because it wasn't my shoe!