Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ok I have decided I am very bad at keeping up with this whole blobbing thing. I know some people that do it daily, I just have no time, and I have some friends that haven't blogged since November (you know who you are). Me I just have no time it seems like, but it seems like I never know what I do with my time, half the stuff on my list never seems to get done, maybe I need a shorter list.

Well here is one thing I can cross off my list, I finally got my CJ pages done, I only signed up for it about 6 months ago, and ofcourse waited until the last minute of the extended dated, no I didn't ask for the extention, but very happy for the extra time. Why I signed up for something you are suppose to journal on I have no idea, I am NOT a journaler, there for my journaling is hidden on my pages, and for all you smart a$$'s yes it is there I did not omit it, it is on the tag, you just have to be one of the privalage few to get one of the pages to see it.

Thanks to all who voted, but I already had this one printed so I just went with it, I think it got the most votes anyway, although #2 was a close second.

Jon's Grandmother does have lung cancer, and it doesn't look like there is much thet can do for her, they are running more test to see if it is anywhere else, right now I think they are looking at just making her comfortable, she is in her 80's, and she has lost the will to fight. In the last month she has lost her baby sister and one of her sons, she is ready to go home I think.

More sooner than later I hope.


Anonymous said...

Page looks great Laura!


cass said...

page looks good...did you get any class samples done????

Anonymous said...

I love the page, Laura!

I'm sorry to hear about Jon's grandmother. I hope she's not in pain much longer.


Breana said...

the page is great Laura! so sorry to hear about Jon's grandmother. your family will be in my thoughts.

shannon said...

sorry to hear about jon's grandma. will be keeping you guys in my thoughts.

Lisa said...

Love the page Laura. So sorry to hear about Jon's grandmother. I hope they can make her as comfortable as possible.

Kache said...

That's very sad about jon's grandmother. I really hope they can keep her comfortable.

Very cool page by the way, I like the colored lace.