Friday, January 12, 2007

Well I must say that todya has been a very good day for me, it will be even better if my husband (Jon) doesn't come home with a fishing boat. He's at a fishing show and wants a boat bad, I told him to wait until spring and buy a used one.

Had lunch with MIL today, of course she had them sing to me and bring balloons for my birthday tomorrow, no one has done that since I turned 21 (that was about 3years agao right?). We went shopping after that and I got some more stuff for organizing my scraproom, that's my dream to have a clean organized room someday. I told Jon that's what I wanted for Christmas and I didn't get it, but he said I wouldn't let him in it with the big black garbage bags :( Maybe I should call him and remind him NOT to come home with a boat :)

I need to be getting ready for the crop this weekend, don't have one thing packed yet, have no idea what I'm doing, actually I know what I want to do, I just have to find it all and throw it in a bag.


Kache said...

Don't even get me started on packing for the crop.

I hope you found some cool stuff to organize your room!

Lisa said...

Good luck organizing your room, I love shopping for organization stuff :)

Have fun at the crop!

Susan said...

did he get the boat?

Heather said...

good luck with the organization, and the boat! :)

And happy happy birthday tooooo youuuuuu!!