Sunday, December 03, 2006

Well I guess since I've been back from Germany I should post some photos.
This would be the Castle that we stayed in, I think it was haunted, long story.

This would be DH making friends with the goat that tried to eat me, the castle had it's own farm. I just don't think this castle liked me at all, although I enjoyed being there, it didn't like me and it let me know it.

This would be sun rising over the mote, once again I am the only on that saw things jumps out of the mote, by things I mean fish, no one else saw them. I am not loosing my mind.

This would be the main gathering room, did I mention the mirror in our room was made in 1750, I could still see myself. It was for decoration not for use you could tell it was really old and worn.

We had a ball and I have many more pictures I did take 509 most turned out ok, that surprises me. I would deffinately go back and even stay in the sam place the people were nice, and I still have to laugh at the castle, that I believe is haunted. We also visited the Netherlands , a few WWII cemeterys, Amsterdam, some Christmas Markets, and bought more chocolate that nay one could eat. Actually Mike bought the chocolate we didn't, he gives it out to his employees. He can give it to them as long as he takes me on the shopping trip for the chocolate.


Brandy said...

Wowsers! Great shots and that castle -whoo!

Kache said...

That castle is awesome, I wanna go!Glad you had a great time, can't wait to eat more chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Cool castle!


shannon said...

great pictures. so glad you had a nice trip.
billy goats and i do NOT get along either. nick will point them out to me where ever we go. so not funny!