Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well Christmas is almost here, another year is almost gone and yet again I have not done half the things I wanted to do. I thought I would have been published or maybe even on a DT by now, but nope none of those things have happened. Then again I haven't really tried very hard. I just haven't had time, I've been doing more important stuff, spending time with the boys, not always quality but time.

I have managed to keep my kids alive!!!!!!!! That's a biggy for me, teenagers are not easy, but sometimes they can be fun if you have an evil side. I have watched them both grow so much this year. Tim both physically and emotionaly. I think that boy grew two feet since last Christmas. Drew has showed me he has great respect for somethings and yet none for others, he knows he is not invinsible, but feels he is too smart or maybe just too lazy to do anything. Sometimes I just want to ring his neck.

I have spent time with friends, made some new ones, and added a couple more countries to my list that I have been to. This year we sy we are staying home, although we said that last year too so we'll see.

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Kache said...

Well try harder!! But not too hard, leave room for everyone else.

And no more european adventures during FF.