Sunday, October 22, 2006

Well another week has passed and not much has gone on im my life, I guess that's a good thing, although I didn't get published, I didn't submit anything I didn't win the lottery because I didn't play, but I did take my son out driving and no one got hurt that's a good thing. Actually he's a very good driver, unlike most teenagers he respects and fears the power of the car.

I did get to go cropping with some friends and had a blast, I don't know if it's because I had to cancel the last two time we all got together or what but I had an absolute wonderful time, maybe it was just the drugs Krystn????? I only did two LOs but they were items done for me, not for a class or any other reason just me, sometimes I need that. Notice one of them has glitter on it and I normally am not a glitter person but Teresa Collins has me addicted to the stuff.

For those of you who might have been wondering my medical issues we think have been solved, I've been having horrible headaches and dizzy spells for weeks now about five or six, after telling methere is nothing growing in my head, that's the exact words from the doctor, my FIL says not even gray matter???? They have decided to treat me for a sensitive nerve on the left side of my brain, lets hope it does the trick, I have super sensitive reflexes what ever that means, I think they just enjoyed hitting me with that hammer whatching me jump around, they did seem to get a kick out of it.


Brandy said...

I think the second one if my favorite I've seen you do! WTG!

Kache said...

Those evil doctors...they're supposed to hit you on the knee, not the head!

The crop was fun...and I'm digging the glitter.