Sunday, September 10, 2006

I think I've gotten myself into a pickle, yes I said pickle! I was extending Caroline's challenge to herself of doing 25 LOs befroe she bought aby new stuff to my "Boodle" friends and they have taken off with the idea, and I've only done two, that's right TWO! But I don't much care this started off as a personal challenge I picked up from a friend and thought I needed to do it as well, since I can probably do 125 without buying anything new, maybe not even adhesive!!!!!!! Sad but true. I could open a store in my house with the stuff I have right now. Well here are the two LO's I've done, I aslo thought this might be a good way to get my Paris book done before we head to Germany in the fall.

Ok so I have done I think a total of 7 pages for Paris, hey atleast I'v started right????

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Kache said...

Did you just say pickle?


Mine's definitely personal too. The amount of stuff I have is driving me insane, but I'm not able to give up Freaky Fridays either! So go go go go