Sunday, April 03, 2011


I have always loved sewing, I learned how to way back when I was a kid.  I remember sewing on my Mamaw's peddle sewing machine and loved it!! My Mother was always sewing as I was a kid, she made my clothes all the time, I have a different outfit for school the first couple of grades, I would fall asleep listening to the machine humming. I would sew doll and barbie clothes and did move up to sewing clothes for myself.  I remember the first time I actually use a pattern for some clothes for myself and my Mother trying to show me how to follow it, it was a Linen Jacket I was making.  It was right then and there I learned I was a very visual learner.

Well here is a sewing book I did for the Maya Road booth at CHA, and I did it for all the women in my life that taught me my crafts....I thank them very much.

Thank you and have a wonderful Day!!!!

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Charlotte said...

This is SO COOL, i wish i know how to sew.