Monday, November 01, 2010

This one is for DAVID!!!!!!!

Glitter, glitter and more glitter.....I have been asked many times how to do this technique and it is one that I learned a many years ago. So I figured I would post a little tutorial on how to do it today.

It is the lace effect with glitter. First you want to gather your supplies.
You will need what you want to cover, a piece of lace large enough to cover the item that has a good medium pattern to it, 3-4 colors of glitter you will also need sheet adhesive large enough to cover the item.

I am using a chipboard tree coaster for this sample. I like to paint chipboard first if that is what I am covering.

After I have painted the chipbaord a ight color I cover it with adhesive. Then you would securely cover with lace, placing with the pattern how you like it.

After you have your lace firmly down you add one color of glitter, then shake it off, only add the color where you want it to stick. You do this for each color of glitter you are using, remembering to only use one color at a time.

If you use 3-4 colors it looks better than if you use just 1 or 2, but the choice is all up to you.

After this you will peel off the lace carefully. At this point you can cover the rest of the adheasive with a white/iridescent glitter, me I chose to cover with gold as my background color.

At this point you are done and can add this to an album cover or you can continue to decorate with your favorite mini chipboard pieces and flowers.


Maja said...

This is a great tutorial wit a remarkable effect! Thank you!

KJ said...

Laura, this is gorgeous!!!! What a great technique!