Friday, May 07, 2010


I love all the canvas albums that companies are coming out with, I just love working with material. If you know me then you know I must have been a seamstress in a past life. I love working with fabric in my scrapbooks, and ribbon and making my own flowers. So when I got a chance to play with canvas and scrapping I feel in love, I've been printing my ephemera on canvas for years so they just seem to fit. You know you can run just plain muslin thru you printer too, I iron it on the back of freezer paper to give it the body it needs and just print, for me it always works like a charm. For this project I just sent canvas thru the printer, and yes I know they make the stuff to go thru the printers but, some times you just don't have that on hand. Here's a Maya Road Banner that I printed on canvas then use fabric tac to glue is all to gether.
Ok sorry It will not let me move the pictures the way I want to. For those of you who are afraid of canvas please don't be, I did treat this like paper. I glued embellies to it just like I would any other book, I just used fabric tac.
Have a great day

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