Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I do not like creative block, I can't seem to do anything creative and really like it lately. I think I'm stuck doing house work for now, and I hate house work. Laundry is todays job, yippie.

I signed up for Lisa Pace's All Hallows Eve workshop today, you should go to her blog (it's to the right) and sign up. they are always a good time.

I did get a class done, only because I've had it on my mind for a long time and trust me it took me days to do it. It is my Summer Fun class. This class has a ton of actual vintage stuff in it there fore it will be very limited, and "Damit Dog" ate some of the items.

call the store if you want to take the class.
Also remember Oct. 2-3 we are having our Scrap Pink Crop 2 days of fun, reserve your spot now.

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Hel said...

Very nice...... I love it!