Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ok so maybe someday I'll actually do this regularlly and learn to spell. I would love to tell you I've been off doing fun exotic things that has kept me from blogging, but no, just laziness.

I have made a couple of wonderfulclasses but have not taken pictures of them to post, sorry. :( But I have taken pictures of the Tigers game I went to lastnight, even tho they didn't win I had fun with my camera. Ok I don't think they came out that bad since I was sitting up pretty high.
Ok I really don't have much more to say, maybe that's why I haven't blogged, I live a very borring life, nothing to blog about.


shannon said...

you can blog 7 random facts... check my blog and consider yourself tagged.

Scrap_N_Angel said...

Yes, play the game! It's fun reading everyone's answers. Those are cool pics at the ballpark, btw.