Saturday, February 10, 2007

Well for those of you who read my blog from KnK and want to get a head start on my challenge here it is, use up your swap stash. It doesn't matter to me what it is you have total freedom with that just something you swapped, I have tons of the stuff, just the other day I found my big bag of chip board from our last swap. :0 I used Fastenators, brads eyelets, ribbon, flowers, and chipboard all from swaps I have been in, I think I'm swapped out for a while. Here is my sample.

For those very few of you how read my blog that aren't a member of KnK, we are doing our own version of 28 in 28, and I am in charge of day 11. 28 layouts in 28 days, so far I haven't kept up but I am working on them, so I hope no one feels slided, if I don't get to their right away.


Kache said...

Very cute page. I think I see polka dotted primas there. Maybe I'll see them in person!

Lisa said...